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Exclusive and only at Lunavit - in combination with your favorite perfume, this bracelet becomes a special beauty accessory with fragrance for trend-conscious womenA mix of a perfect piece of jewellery and seductive fragrance moments for every outfit - available in silver or rose, combined with black, grey, red or orangeThe perfect gift for fashion-loving women and girls - delivery including gift packagingThe design element is exchangeable if desiredWearing jewellery becomes a brand new innovative unusual experience with this aroma trend jewellery

Product Description Lunavit Just feel good. Are you looking for an extraordinary and very special piece of jewellery Lunavit is more than just jewellery - with our high-quality and unique jewellery collection we give you the extra "power-kick" and help you to sensual fragrance and feel-good moments. Generation "Jewellery with function" With this piece of jewellery you not only look good - you will also take your favorite fragrance everywhere. Our aroma bracelet Fionda not only looks chic and stylish, but can be perfumed with different fragrances just as you like. Read more The fascination for beautiful jewellery and the passion for exciting fragrances is what makes every woman enthusiastic and happy. With our aroma bracelet, we achieve exactly this interplay in a new and refined accessory that you will definitely love! Read more The advantage On the felt pad in the replaceable design element, the fragrance lasts much longer without applying it directly on the skin. Especially recommended if you are allergic to perfume or if you have skin intolerance. Alternatively sprinkle the felt pad with one of our Lunavit 100% natural aromatic oils. Read more

925 Sterling Silver Children's Enameled Butterfly Bracelet 6inch ENQSWZDGE

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